Scott Yelle

Cape Cod, MA

Scott is the Founder of New England Sales Solutions. Scott brings 20 years of sales leadership experience to help small to mid-size companies.


David Winkle

Charlotte, North Carolina

Dave is the Founder and President of Peak Performance Sales Solutions, a company that provides best-in-class sales planning, strategy and execution.


Michael Wills

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Michael, founder of Top Line Solutions, specializes in Outsourced Sales Leadership, focusing on revenue growth for small and medium sized businesses.


Steve Weimar

Southern California

Steve is the founder and President of STI Enterprises, Inc., a company created to provide leading-edge strategic and tactical sales solution.


John Wallace

Wichita, KS

John is Founder of SalesRize LLC and helps boost client sales and profitability using sales strategies, integrated sales processes, and sales execution plans.


Rob van Gilse

Chicago, IL

Rob has notable experience and expertise in sales leadership consulting to serve the greater Chicago area, bringing superior focus and top results to businesses.


Chris Tully

DC Metro Area / Northern Virginia

Chris is the President of Sales Growth Advisors LLC, a sales consulting firm focused on increasing revenue growth and improving profitability.


Susan Tourville

Northeast & Central WI

Susan, founder of Strategy Tuning, helps small and mid-sized businesses break through growth barriers by incorporating a proven sales organization framework.


John Torr

Indianapolis, IN

John founded Pellinore Advisors to help small to mid-sized businesses create and implement successful sales strategies, processes and grow revenue.